Cote d'Ivoire: "common ground" found anal cumshot between ex-demobilized rebels and the government

A delegation of demobilized soldiers - former rebels not integrated into the army - was received by the Interior Ministry to "discuss", a week after their demonstration claimed the lives of four of them. A "ground of agreement" was found, announced Wednesday May 31 their spokesman as well as the Minister of the Interior.

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"We are very satisfied, we have found a common ground for us," said Wednesday to Jeune Afrique Diomandé Megbé, a spokesman for the demobilized. "We met with Minister Hamed Bakayoko on Tuesday afternoon, and we had a very frank dialogue. The government has assured us that means will be made available to us, but we do not know the details yet, we will be notified later, "added Diomandé Megbé.
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"We do not pay the Jav Rape premiums, but we have found common ground," Interior Minister Hamed Bakayoko told AFP without giving further details.

"We asked for forgiveness"

In recent weeks, demobilized soldiers - mostly former rebels of the former Forces Nouvelles - had loudly reminded the government of their financial demands: the payment of 18 million CFA francs (about 27,000 euros) to each demobilized. A sum far exceeding the 12 million that the mutineers, unlike the demobilized had been integrated into the army after the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) process.

"We asked for forgiveness in order to appease everyone's hearts. We also ask Alassane Ouattara, who is our father and we want to accompany, not to forget us, "added Diomandé Megbé, spokesman for a bereaved delegation.

Five dead in the demobilized ranks Jav Anal

On May 23 last, the demobilized demands had indeed turned into a drama in Bouaké. As they blocked the southern entrance of the country's second city, the epicenter of mutinies in January and May, their dispersal by the security forces had killed four people in their ranks.

A report that was all the more burdensome since another demobilized had also been killed in Bouaké a few days before. On 14 May, mutineers had indeed opened fire on the demobilized, accusing them of jeopardizing the payment of their bonuses because of their similar financial demands.
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