Ferrand excludes to resign, Macron tied up porn calls on the government to "solidarity"

Richard Ferrand, on suspicion of favoritism, again excluded Wednesday from resigning, while Emmanuel Macron called on the adult tubes government to "solidarity", also considering that the press should not "become a judge."

"Yes, I am an honest man," said the Minister of Cohesion of the Territories, a week after the first revelations concerning a real estate transaction of the Mutuelles de Bretagne, of which he was then the director, involving his companion.

The President of the Republic held in the Council of Ministers to "call for solidarity, responsibility," said government spokesman Christophe Castaner. "He recalled that our objective must be permanently that of exemplarity in our public actions," he added.

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"Everything I have done in my professional life is legal, public, transparent," France Inter M. Ferrand said, supporting the first hour of Emmanuel Macron and candidate for the REM legislative, considering himself targeted as That such.
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To resign? "I will not do it for two reasons: first I have my conscience for myself, I am not challenged by the justice of the Republic that I respect deeply, and (...) I want to devote myself to the Priorities of my ministry, "he said.

He had once again received support Tuesday night from Edouard Philippe, who had however pointed "the exasperation of the French" before these practices and recalled that any minister under investigation should resign.

Mr Castaner acknowledged "a noticeable discomfort" and was "in favor" of a possible investigation, "if there are elements that lead or justice, or the police or the gendarmerie to think that" We must make an investigation ". But "it would be profoundly unjust" to force him to resign, he said, "because nothing from a legal point of view can be reproached in what Richard Ferrand did."

The Brest prosecutor said Friday that it would not open an investigation, "none of the reported facts" were "likely to fall under one or more criminal qualifications."

"I am not called into question by the justice", repeated several times Wednesday the deputy of the Finistère, which was to go in Jav Gangbang the evening to the "dinner Republican" organized by President Macron in Vannes.

The head of state, on his way to the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique), said that "the press must do its work of questioning, revealing the truth, then there is an independent justice in France , Who does his job, we must not confuse any of these roles. "

- "It takes a climate of confidence" -

Richard Ferrand (ex-PS) received a form of support from the deputy PS René Dosière, deputy returning officer of the Socialist party Jean-Christophe Cambadélis "solemnly" his resignation - target of repeated attacks on the right and left Public expenditure, for which, contrary to the Fillon case, "the essential" of the Ferrand Jav Massage affair was of a private nature.


"The defense of Mr. Ferrand is borderline + and tries to stand on the fragile line of separation between immorality and illegality," said Roger-Gérard Schwartzenberg, president of the Left Radicals in the Assembly.

"The law, it is not enough, it is necessary a climate of confidence", pleaded the deputy LR Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet.

According to a Harris Interactive poll for RMC and Atlantico released on Wednesday, a large majority of French believes that Richard Ferrand and Marielle de Sarnez, also in the sights for another case, should resign from the government.

The minister of European affairs, targeted with 18 other MEPs by a preliminary investigation for alleged fictitious Jav Massage jobs of collaborators in the European Parliament, on Wednesday denounced "lies". She filed a complaint for "slanderous accusations" against Sophie Montel (FN), who initiated the proceedings.

The vice-president of the MoDem also defended the guard of the seals François Bayrou, who had retweet Tuesday his statement: "it has the right to express itself on Twitter as such, as citizen and not as minister."

The President of the MoDem is preparing the bill on the moralisation of public life, the presentation of which has been postponed until 14 June.

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