Venezuela: Maduro advances its Constituent anal destruction project despite opposition

The candidate's nomination to the Constituent Assembly, which President Nicolas Maduro wanted to amend the Constitution of Venezuela, began on Wednesday despite strong opposition from his opponents who see it as a dilatory maneuver to stay in power.

While the wave of demonstrations against his government will enter Thursday in his third month, Nicolas Maduro remained Jav Idol straight in his boots: "The country is taking the path of the Constituent, it is a great day (... ) Go to register, candidates and candidates to the National Constituent Assembly! " He said Tuesday night on state television VTV.

The Socialist president sees this process as a way of dealing with the serious political, economic and social crisis that is affecting the oil country, whose economy has been laminated by the fall in crude oil prices. Last Anal,Jav Beautiful bad news in date: the bolivar has unscrewed Wednesday of 64.13% against the dollar.

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For its part, the opposition announced that it would not participate in the Constituent Assembly, which will have 545 members because it considers the electoral system designed to designate the members of this assembly "fraudulent", accusing the president of wanting to do so Elect its supporters in the July elections.

Henrique Capriles, one of the main leaders of the opposition coalition (MUD), warned that any inscription of an anti-chavist (named after the late former President Hugo Chavez, 1999-2013) would be considered a "betrayal" .
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In Brussels, Julio Borges, the president of the Venezuelan Parliament, the only public power controlled by the opposition, asked on Wednesday his European Parliament counterpart, the Italian Antonio Tajani, the imposition of sanctions against the regime of Mr Maduro . For him, "the idea of ​​a constituent assembly is nothing but a way of prolonging the coup in Venezuela."

The opposition has demonstrated almost daily since April 1 to demand the departure of the president, new elections as well as the withdrawal of this draft Constituent Assembly. During the parades, sixty people died and a thousand others wounded, with both sides accusing each other of resorting to armed groups to sow violence.

- Inflation of 720% -

Almost every day since April 1, a new demonstration was organized by the opponents of Nicolas Maduro who tried to march towards the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the center of Caracas, where the representatives of 34 member countries of the " Organization of American States (OAS) were discussing the crisis in Venezuela.

But as almost every time, anti-riot trucks, water jets and tear gas prevented them from progressing, groups of young people replicating with projectiles and Molotov cocktails.

Several people, including an AFP photographer, were injured during the clashes and denounced assaults and robberies committed by members of the National Guard.

At the same time, in Jav Creampie the heart of the capital, an area considered as the bastion of power, supporters of Nicolas Maduro mobilized in support of the Constituent Assembly.

On the international scene, a mini-summit of foreign ministers on the Venezuelan crisis was held Wednesday in Washington at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS), Venezuela recently announced its departure.

Mr Maduro is held responsible by his opponents of the economic crisis and the shortage of food and medicines. In front of him, the Socialist president believes that the crisis is the result of a conspiracy supported by the United States.

On Wednesday, the price of the Venezuelan bolivar was 2.010 for one dollar against 721 previously, a devaluation of 64.13%, at a US government auction to counter black market currency .

A total of $ 24 million was put up for sale, mainly to companies, for the import of products, according to the same source.

This system of auctioning dollars, announced in April by the head of state aims to counter the black market, where the greenback currently flows to 6,000 bolivars per unit, which Mr. Maduro attributes to the " Economic war "of the private sector to precipitate its fall.

Venezuela is experiencing one of the worst economic crises in its history, suffocated by falling crude oil prices, which account for 96% of its currencies. Its inflation, stimulated by shortages, has become totally uncontrollable, at 720% this year according to the IMF.

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