Experiencing anal cum surprise because used condoms, "the Trinidad"

This is a story I overheard were: a young couple decided to "relationships" back after childbirth. Because the wives are breast-feeding should they decide to use a condom to, just not pregnant just to avoid sexually transmitted diseases from the husband. And they decided to use the "raincoat" that they stored in cabinets from the feedback was not intending pregnancy.

As a result, the "fun" of them stretched to near 1 hour that husband didn't stop. When you're impatient wife husband new truth is you don't master themselves, nearly lost the feeling. Finally, the husband must be a long rest and recovery back to normal. They review the condom has expired.


I also have a family and have to use condoms to avoid pregnancy. But I do not know whether condoms expired could have dangerous effects or not? Sometimes my spouse also must use condoms expired few days should I also somewhat worried. I ask doctors, the harmful effects of the use of condoms expired? I sincerely thank you! (Thanh Nguyen)

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You Dear, Nguyen Thanh

First of all, to say to you that, whatever has expired ("the offer") are not good, especially for things to eat on the body or used on other body parts. Condoms, too. We do not encourage you to use condoms too, whether it's expired new few days because it can no longer work as well as influence not good for your health.

Experiencing surprise because used condoms, "the Trinidad"
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Often the term condom use is very long. However, you also need to pay attention before use or when the purchase. As recommended by the experts in sex, condoms, "the Trinidad" starts to become dry, flexibility, toughness, spermicides and lubricant also ceases, it is very easy to tear. This is because the spermicides should its lubricant loss lost performance.

Condoms usually has 2 types: with and without fillers. However, both types of this if out of date use shall lose elasticity, becomes easy to tear, from which no longer contraception effects or prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Even condoms contain substances that destroy essential từung will also take effect over time, as far from the production date, the "strength" of the elite removal substance. 

If says that when "too long," Trinidad physically destroy the elite can make "weapons man paralyzed" is not entirely true. This only happens when the lubricant elite removal that cum was designed to do "inert" feelings. Some men use this category aims to extend your "love". 


The biggest risk when using a condom is torn bag, from which the likelihood of unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, gynaecological diseases.

So, don't pity or "temporarily" which you still decide to use condoms, "the Trinidad". To protect the health and reproductive health, the couple you should pay attention to in the use of condoms. Condoms can have "expectancy" if kept in a dry and cool place. Conversely, if storing condoms in purse or anywhere easy exposure to temperature and humidity ease damaging its structure and cause unforeseen disaster for health.

Wish your spouse happy!

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