Men and women, who tori black more amazing orgasms?

Men or women to experience more pleasure?

No less staggering were women because the ability to reach orgasm fast of "partners" while the battle, as well as many of the men surprised women can reach the extreme concept many times. Therefore, a shemale porn debate broke out to find a response to the question "who's better than orgasm, men or women?".

The video was posted on Youtube Channel ASAPScience of Canada gave the answer to the question with this debate by explaining the differences between orgasm in men and women.

Why women hard to reach orgasm when "love"?

We all know why the men reach orgasm very important. But why do women also need to up the top there is still mystery.
Finally, a team of researchers from Yale University have discovered the answer related to ovulation.

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They believe that in the past, our ancestors a loss only after the egg is stimulated by men just before or during sex. This is also the same in many species of mammals, including rabbits, weasels, cats and camels.
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When irritated, prehistoric women can liberate certain hormones cause ovulation and then the egg is fertilized by the sperm.

But through hundreds of thousands of years the Agency has developed, each month the woman ovulate once. This means that orgasm in women currently have no reproductive function.

orgasm in men and women

Gender differences also play a crucial role to orgasm. Brain stimulation increases the heart rate and then, the blood flow to the genitals.

Although the activity of the brain during is the same but the MRI images showed the differences in the process of sexual arousal. 

Both sexes become sleepy after having achieved orgasm because the amount of the hormone prolactin to cause drowsiness. The proteins in those who have real sex 4 times higher than those who masturbate. 

Below are pictures taken from shows the entire trigger in a woman's brain during orgasm.

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