Your pain, you monster sex have a beautiful wife

You can wake yourself up in the morning or afternoon to work on his wife because she no longer busy gym to keep in shape.

Everyone likes a nice girl at the party. Everyone will stop for a few seconds and glanced up when an attractive woman Hentai Anime to surf through. And clearly, those men who do not desire to get ' the other half ' is a radiant shade of pink?

However, when you really dating or the husband of a beautiful woman, you have to realize that everything has it's price. Need to anticipate some of the characteristics, qualities and behaviours you may encounter when in love with a brilliant pink flower which:
She was familiar with the story was pursued, lauded and gifts
This is not the girl for a guy who believes his cute smile will knock her heart forever. Although she may be down because of the smile which followed, but to keep her at the party, you need to do many other things. Say those words pleases her and express the admiration is too trivial to her. So, it is better you need to become creative.

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Men are always hungry to get ' the other half ' is a radiant shade of pink (photo illustrations: Cosmo) She invested much for beauty
Her fitness routine. This means you can wake up alone every morning or home after hours of tan that I can't see my wife. She wants to maintain a perfect body and this needs time and effort.
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Treat symptoms sweating much in the limbs, head, forehead armpits, chest back ... confident in communicating and living 20 years of "suffering" with asthma, cough Phlegm, shortness of breath because of the unknown to the Hen Leaves
In addition, she also need to manicure, pedicure, face, go massage, hair dye, hair, teeth whitening, botox injections even ... After that, she will also have a lot of clothes, jewelry, lingerie, outerwear, handbags, eyewear and shoe ... And who is proud of her perfection? Is you-when in the role as her husband, just as he claims. It is not a privilege that is required.
She had always admired people in the
You need to have the confidence of a man ready to deal with an army reserve are ready waiting for you. And apparently, you also need the courage to take and hold was his dream woman.
Hidden deep below the skin perfectly, she often feel lack of confidence and poor
This world can be a cruel place, full of jealousy with an attractive woman. She often teased as her high school girls, were your friends talk bad behind when going to work or having problems in the family.

Be patient and gentle when needed to help her heal the hurt in the soul.
She does not have many good friends. She is often isolated and has few social contacts
Married woman most don't want to deal with her because they felt pressured when near a outstanding person than yourself. The single girl nor want to appear alongside her in places she will shine over them. Some men too inferiority that dare not talk to her or invite her to go out. Don't imagine too that her life is amazing.
She needs you
This is the important thing and to remember the most. Yourself and your love is important to her, helping her to find peace in the soul. Please see to see behind layers of mascara could be the tears. Don't just attentively to her enchanting Islands dwarf Kingfisher mound didn't get a heart full of stretch marks. Don't be too attentive to her heels, you'll find the people who are in need of a hand to lead them out of his life. She needs you and need to be loved, don't forget that.

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